Google Ads Teklifi

To help us give you the best offer for your needs, please answer the questions below.

İletişim Bilgileriniz

What is special about your Brand/Product?

Which qualities you want to communicate with your clients?

Who are your competitors?

Is there any market segment you don't want to target?

What result do you expect from campaigns?

Is there any catchphrase or slogan you want to use in campaigns?

Do you want to compete with your rivals in their unique search terms?

Arama ağı reklamlarında özellikle bulunmak istediğiniz bir konum var mıdır?

(Böyle birtalebiniz yoksa kampanyalarımızın optimizasyonunu reklamlarda ilk sırada olmak üzereyapıyor olacağız.)

Would you like to use Click to Call or Call Only action buttons in campaigns?

Is there any specific timeframe for your campaigns to be on flight?

(If not than we will configure them as always on.)

Would you like to create display network campaigns too?

Which type of websites you want to advertise on?

(If you are not sure don't worry, we will choose the best options for you.)

Which type of websites you want to exclude your advertisements?

Who is responsible from website management?

Do you have a digital marketing specialist in your team?

Are you currently using a Google Analytics or similar management panel?

How many language options your website contains?

What is your budget?